Sprinkler System Winterization Sprinkler Winterizing Sprinkler Service Sprinkler Repair Sprinkler Inspections Eagan, MN Rosemount, MN, Farmington, MN etc.
 Sprinkler System WinterizationSprinkler WinterizingSprinkler Service Sprinkler Repair Sprinkler InspectionsEagan, MN Rosemount, MN, Farmington, MN etc.

Sprinkler Replacement $95

Line Repair $125-175 more if tree roots

Valve Repair/Replacement $245

Valve Box Fitting Repair or Replacement $255

Add Sprinkler to zone $275-?

WIFI Timer installation $375-$575 typocal residential system

Tuneup $75 5 zone

Reposition Head to close to perpendicular to the surface $55

Raise or lower sprinkler $55 no parts

Sprinkler Winterizing $75 most systems

Late Season Winterizing:

1) Additional fee for Sprinkler Winterizing with damage from ice or other range from $135 on up

2) Clearing ice in system needed before winterizing $135

3) Systems that can't be winterized (hasn't happened to us) $200-$300 charge

4) Winterizing outside of Rosemount, Eagan, Apple Valley, Farmington $5.00 per mile from storage of compressor in Rosemount

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